10 questions to ask your Mallorca Wedding DJ

So you are looking to book a wedding DJ in Mallorca but you have noticed there’s quite a few out there! Which one should you choose!

If you have not been directly recommended to a DJ in Mallorca, you have to do your own research and to make sure you end up with the BEST wedding DJ Mallorca has to offer, here’s the 10 MUST ASK questions to ask your Mallorca Wedding DJ:


1. Do you bring your own equipment? 

You might think this is a given – you order a DJ, he comes with equipment, right? – WRONG! Some DJ’s like to charge extra for bringing their equipment, either because they don’t have their own equipment, or because they are flying in from overseas. So be aware! A DJ without equipment is not necessarily a bad thing, because they could simply live too far away to justify the cost of bringing their equipment with them. But in this case, unless it is a REALLY GOOD DJ, it is best to choose one that actually has his equipment with him.

FullerDJ Answers: YES, i bring my own equipment, you don’t have to pay extra for that!


2. Will you actually be my DJ?

Again, so straightforward but necessary to ask! Some DJ’s overbook themselves to make sure they are busy even when they have a cancellation, but this means that sometimes they end up double booked! And then what happens is, they will book a colleague who is less popular since he is still available, and they will play for your wedding…. that is not what you paid for! So make sure that you confirm with your Dj he will be the one playing on your wedding day.

FullerDJ Answers: YES, i will always play on your wedding. I don’t overbook, this is why I ask for a deposit, it guarantees I will be booked for your wedding. 


3. Can I send you a playlist?

Some DJ’s (bad ones!) will not allow you to send them a playlist and will only play their own choice of music for your wedding. They don’t understand that every wedding is different and maybe your family are big fans of techno!

So you should always confirm that you can send in a playlist or song suggestions so everyone at your wedding will be dancing to their favorite tune!

FullerDJ Says: YES, you can bring your own playlist if you like – I will always make some suggestions if I feel that the playlist will not get anyone up and dance, but it is your wedding at the end of the day, and you have to be 100% happy!


4. Can I use your microphone for speeches?

Some DJ’s are funny about that! Something to do with the fact that it is unhygienic to “share” a microphone. Other DJ’s will charge you for the use of the microphone they had with them in the first place. Make sure the rules are clear, it could save you some money if you can use the microphone of the DJ!

FullerDJ says: YES, you can use my microphone if you like as long as I am around when you use it so I can make sure everyone can hear you! 


5. Will you play music for my ceremony?

You have to request this as there is quite a bit of time between the ceremony and the dancing usually, so the DJ will have to block more hours for you in that case. Make sure you arrange this beforehand. Perhaps they can provide a smaller sound system that you can control yourself for the ceremony, that way you can save a bit of money.

FullerDJ Says: YES, I can also play for your ceremony, It is not included in my usual prices but if I am also your DJ I will make sure you get a discounted rate for this service. 


5. Will you bring disco lights

Another one that seems so straightforward but isn’t! Some DJ’s charge extra for lighting, others don’t even have it so you have to rent them somewhere else. Make sure you know what is included in your DJ service. That way you don’t have any nasty surprises nearer the time.

FullerDJ Says: YES, lighting is included in my basic DJ package. I make sure you have everything you need for a great disco after dinner. Of course I offer many “upgrades” like Love letters and smoke machines, but without the extras, your party will still be fantastic! 


6. If set up and breakdown included?

Some DJ’s like to charge for setting their equipment up and breaking everything down at the end of the night. We are not really sure why this should be an extra fee, but you need to be aware of this. Make sure you know what is included and what isn’t!

FullerDJ Says: YES, this is included in all my packages. I will even match what I can to your wedding theme so I blend in where I can! (within reason, you crazy purple glitter bride!) 


7. Do I have to “feed” you?

Now this one is a bit sensitive – of course, you are not obliged to “feed” your DJ, but it would be nice! Some DJ’s actually insist they get a certain amount of food and drinks while they are playing or want an “allowance” for drinks and food. We recommend you instruct the venue staff to keep a couple of bottles of water aside for the DJ and maybe you can arrange sandwiches for the staff? It’s not an obligation, but it would be nice…

FullerDJ Says: NO, you don’t have to feed me, but yes it would be nice if you did. I always bring some water myself, but I also know most of the venues I play at and the staff there usually look after me pretty well. A nice sandwich at midnight is always a great idea though!


8. Do I have to tip you?

Tips are not included in the basic fee of the DJ, and are discretionary. If you were happy with the way things went during the evening, and all your guests are happy, why not leave the DJ a nice tip – he might just play that extra song after closing time!

FullerDJ Says: NO, you don’t have to tip me, and I won’t work any less if you don’t. If you were super happy though (which most of my clients are!) it is always appreciated, and I will accept a tip if you give me one, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t 🙂 


9. Do I have to pay for your drinks

As with the food, you don’t HAVE to give your DJ drinks all night, but it is certainly appreciated. Also, make sure you make clear HOW MUCH your DJ can drink (alcohol-wise). Some DJ’s tent to overdo it a bit, and are as larie as your guests at the end of the night! This is a no-no, and make sure your DJ understands that!

FullerDJ Says: NO, I can bring my own water, but of course it is nice of you to offer me a juice or a small beer. I have to drive after working at your wedding, so I don’t usually drink anyway, but a juice or softdrink is always nice. 


10. Can we do Karaoke?


FullerDJ Says: NO! This is your wedding, and I understand you are intoxicated and think you can sing better that Shakira on a hot day, but trust me, this is not the time nor the place! I am happy to recommend a great karaoke bar after your wedding has finished where you can sing your heart out, but not on my watch, I would like to make sure you have a wedding to remember, not one that you want to forget as soon as possible!